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David Bender was born in Erie, PA to a father who retired as colonel in the Army and a mother who majored in Latin, English and Music. At the age of three David began drawing with pencils and charcoal, and quickly recognizing his unique talent his parents sent him to art school at the age  of five. David moved to Florida and attended high school where he took drafting classes and initially considered going to college to become an architect. It was the fine lines and intricate detail that he loved. Throughout high school David was in a separate group of students that were considered accelerated artists and graded on a different scale. 


While attending junior college David was drafted into the army and served two years, one in Vietnam. After his time he returned to Florida to attend the University of South Florida where he majored in Fine Arts. He graduated with a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts. One of his most influential teachers was Theo Wujick, a nationally renowned artist who has had scores of his work in galleries throughout the US and Europe. Under Theo Wujick, David learned lithography and advanced his drawing skills to the next level of professionalism.


After college, job promotions and opportunities took David to North Carolina where he began selling much of his work in local galleries.  As the gallery began to use David’s work to promote their business, David understood that his talent was an appreciated one and decided he was ready to make art his career.


Throughout his career as an artist, David has done paintings and lithographs for events, local shops, galleries, commissioned clients, and has donated his art regularly for charitable causes.


David currently lives in a suburb of Orlando, Florida and paints out of his home studio,which caters to the quiet and spacious needs to perform the elaborate detail David puts into every one of his paintings. His current focus is on oil paintings, though time and again he finds himself going back to his roots with the penciled drawings he enjoys.


When he’s not painting the road less traveled or wild animals that seem to come alive with grandeur, David enjoys golf, cooking, and having a laugh and a glass of wine with good friends. He is available for commissioned pieces and appreciates each client for their unique requests and ability to challenge his artistry.  


To see his entire collection, please visit the GALLERY .

“The commission we purchased from David is the centerpiece of our club house at Tranquility Resort. It creates the style of peace and grandeur that is rare to find.”     -Anthony Scott, Resort Owner

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